Multifunctional Baby Stroller, Baby Walker Toy


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Introducing the Multifunctional Baby Stroller, a versatile and innovative solution designed to meet the diverse needs of both parents and little ones. This all-in-one baby gear transforms seamlessly into five different modes, ensuring maximum convenience and entertainment for your child’s early years.

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  1. Baby Stroller: The core of this multifunctional marvel, providing a comfortable and secure space for your baby to explore the world. The dimensions of the stroller are offering ample room for your little one to enjoy a smooth ride.
  2. Baby Walker Toy: Encourage those first steps with the Baby Walker Toy mode, designed to support your child’s developmental milestones. With dimensions of 44*46*43 cm, it’s the perfect companion for your baby’s exciting journey into independent walking.
  3. Gaming Table: Convert the unit into a gaming table (37*21*18 cm) for interactive playtime. The engaging design and perfect height make it an ideal space for your child to enjoy creative activities and explore the world of imagination.
  4. Scooter and Trolleys: Transition effortlessly into the Scooter and Trolleys mode (33*54*47 cm), providing endless fun for your child as they scoot around and carry their favorite toys. It’s not just a stroller; it’s a source of endless adventure.
  5. Hand Push Rocker: The Hand Push Rocker mode (45.5*61*51 cm) adds a dynamic element to playtime. With a sturdy design and comfortable grip, parents can take an active role in guiding their little one on exciting journeys.


Walker: 44*46*43Cm

gaming table: 37*21*18Cm

Scooter, Trolleys: 33*54*47Cm

Hand Push rocker: 45.5*61*51*Cm


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