Baby Colorful Teething Rings and Rattle 5 Piece Set


Baby Teether 5 Piece Teddy Bear Colorful Teething Rings and Rattle Set






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  • Teething ring set “the bear” version offers a wide variety of shapes, colors, sounds and chewable surfaces safe for teething babies. The toys are stored in one adorable little brown bear container..
  • The toys are come in one adorable, little brown bear reusable plastic container making it an ideal baby shower gift!.
  • The eight different rattle and chew toys are designed to intrigue and interest your child. They are also easy for small hand to grasp onto helping with gross motor skills!.
  • For extra natural pain relief the toys can be frozen in the freezer. The selection of available textures will massage and soothe babies sore gums, helping through the teething process..
  • Teething babies are messy! They drool and spit up all over everything! These teething rings are easy to clean both during and after use by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth!.
  • Baby Teething Ring Set “The Brown Bear” version is a fantastic organized collection of teething toys for even the crankiest of babies!
  • The selection of 5 rattles and chew toys are fun and exciting with their bright colors and entertaining sounds; your baby won’t want to let go of them!






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